Officespot has had ten successful years as a boutique office rental company in Saigon since 2007. We have found success offering personalized services to a variety of businesses in Vietnam. Our next ten years' goals are going to transform our company, as we seek to leverage our office rental experience into the modern age.
Officespot Coworking is a part of our personal effort to promote and foster a friendly environment and community in Saigon. We aim at creating and cultivating a culture of creativity, of collaboration, and of innovation, which we hope will be a part in Vietnam’s progression as a competitor in the not-so-distant future, on innovation and design. This effort builds on our strength in and knowledge of personalized office rental in Vietnam, as well as our international network and identity. An identity that embraces entrepreneurship and the can-do attitude.
Officespot holds a dual perspective dear to our core values. For one, the need to encourage creativity and promote innovation in business, situated in a tailored setting. For another, a shared quest for entrepreneurship marked by a willingness by us to foster a collective of like-minded and driven individuals – be they expats or Vietnamese – who are choosing to have their own ventures in this fabulous country. We look forward to binding these perspectives together in order to create a vibrant and promising community that will achieve great tasks together.
We create and foster a community, so the next time when you are juggling options – which app developers to use, what graphic designers to trust, or where to print or manufacture samples for your prototype – we will be there to help you. Officespot will help you make that journey in Vietnam a pleasant and efficient. 

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